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Streaker racing in Hickling Spring Regatta Hickling Broad Sailing Club

The Hickling Spring Regatta suffered from strong winds on the first day (Sunday 30th April) and racing was cancelled and it was still jolly blowy on the 2nd day (Bank Holiday Monday 1st May). Mark Langston and Veronica Falat turned up with their Streakers and local sailor Richard Beach was there too but decided not to race. 

Unfortunately Hickling Broad is suffering from a surprisingly large amount of weed making it tricky to sail much beyond the confines of the marked navigation channel. Veronica and Mark started the first 'Allcomers A and B' race but found their dagger boards were moving around in a disconcerting way! Veronica retired after just one lap but Mark carried on and, on corrected time, finished 2nd out of the 6 finishers. 

So the East Anglian Streaker series has started but with only 1 race and only 1 finisher! 


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