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Four Streakers competed in their open meeting on the River Waveney at Beccles Amateur SC on Sunday 11th June. The south westerly breeze, gusting around 20 knots on occasion, was testing on the beat and similarly so on the run.

The first two races were run back to back, removing the need for the competitors to de-rig and retrieve their boats in the strong conditions.

In the first race Alex Reindorp and Veronica Falat were together at the first mark but had to continue to the bank before being able to tack. This allowed Mark Langston to nip inside to windward and a tacking battle ensued to the next mark. Veronica took the lead with Mark & Alex close behind. Nick Billingsley appeared to have some problems during the race and ultimately retired. The race finished in these positions.

In race two Mark was forced over the line by the poorly timed appearance of a motor cruiser and was called back. Unfortunately, both Veronica and Alex also turned back, under the misapprehension that they too had been recalled. This allowed Nick to lead to the windward mark with Mark chasing behind. Alex and Veronica rejoined the race from behind but it was not long before Veronica was hot on Mark’s heels, both having passed Nick. Alex suffered gear failure and retired from the race. Veronica once again took the lead and went on to win.

There were only three takers for the final race after lunch which saw a good start from all three with Veronica and Mark competing to get to the windward mark first. Veronica and Mark were fighting for the lead, which Veronica secured and planed off back towards the club house. An interesting gybe slowed her down just enough to give Mark false hope as, just a little later, he did something very similar. Nick sailed a safe race and ultimately finished third behind Veronica and Mark.

This event was part of the Streaker Southern Paddle travellers series, sponsored by Pinnell & Bax and the third event in the East Anglian series.

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