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Alan Gillard, SCOA Technical Officer writes: **Centremain – Track and Traveller Trials** Hopefully most Streaker sailors have seen by now a Streaker fitted with a centremain using a track and traveller for adjustment? Over the last 2 to 3 years there have been a number of Streakers who have been given dispensation to use a centremain with track and traveller as a trial. Some of these Streakers have travelled to open events and we have seen them competing at the National Championships at both Carsington and Weymouth. The results from the trials conducted by those given dispensation have been positive. Some of the questions regarding strength of the existing Streaker hull around the thwart region where the track is fitted have been unfounded. Nobody has reported any weakness or damage being caused by loading of the track fitted to the thwart. The performance of the Streaker with track and traveller from those who have dispensation to use it has not been such that there has been any significant increase in their performance. Only recently has an open event been won using track and traveller centremain. The main reason for sailors wanting track and traveller centremain is one of preference over the original ‘laser style’ mainsheet system. At the National Championships this year to be held at Rutland Water a proposal will be presented at the AGM asking members for their support for a change to the Streaker Class rules so that the Centremain with track and traveller will be allowed. **Proposal to change the rules of the Streaker Class Owners Association, Rules of Measurement and Construction** Proposal 1. – Rule 10 Mainsheet System is added to so that a track and traveller type centremain is allowed as an alternative to the current mainsheet systems. Proposal 2. – Rule 10 Mainsheet System is simplified so that the Streaker mainsheet system becomes optional.

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