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Introducing the Rooster Super Series

We’re pleased to announce that Rooster Sailing has agreed to sponsor a new series that consists of our championship events through the season. This includes the Nationals, the Inlands, Scottish and the Northern and Southern area championships.


April 1           Bough Beech SC                 Southern Area Championships

May 6-7         Leigh & Lowton SC              Inland Championships

June 3-4        East Lothian YC                   Scottish Championships

June 23-25     Royal Torbay YC                 National Championships

Oct 21           West Riding SC                   Northern Area Championships



  • You will need to compete in at least 3 events.
  • It’s your overall finishing positions in the events that will count, except that:
  • Your score for the Nationals will be based on results calculated by counting each competitor's best 4 race results. (This means if you suffer gear failure or decide not to race on a windy day, you still stand a chance of having a good score for this series.)


As well as overall prizes there will be Rooster goodies to be sailed for at each event.


Don’t forget that the Bough Beech event also counts towards the P&B Southern Paddle Series and

the East Lothian and West Riding ones count towards the Sail Register Northern Paddle Series.

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