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Rooster Breathable Streaker Cover to be won

The Rooster Super Series links together the big events in the Streaker calendar - the National, Inland, Scottish, Southern and Northern championships - and the guys doing well in this series are among the top Streaker sailors this year. But don't think the prizes will just be for them. Rooster Sailing is keen to support people throughout the fleet and so their prize of a breathable boom-up polyester top cover is for someone in the 'silver fleet'. 

In the absence of rules to decide who's in the silver fleet and who's not, the Streaker committee will judge this. I'm sure it will be fair and just! 

Come along to the final event of the Rooster Super Series at West Riding SC on Saturday 28th October. It's also the Northern Area Championship and the last open in the 2017 Northern Paddle Series. 

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