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Updated Class Rules now on the Website

Some proposals to change our class rules were voted in at the Streaker AGM this summer and the updated rules are now on this website under the 'Technical' heading. 


There are 2 rule changes:

a)  Aft mainsheet bridle - this can now be more easily adjusted by fitting more turning blocks, cleats, etc. Rule 10.08 applies - but please note the introductory paragraph at the start of 10.00. 

b)  Sails - the requirement for sails to be white has been removed from Rule 13.00. However the requirements for sails (laminate or woven) to be of polyester and to be of a minimum ply weight of 150 gm/sq.m still remain. One other addition to the sail rule is that a maximum of 3 'sail shape indicator stripes) is now permitted. 

The accompanying photo shows Isaac Marsh experimenting with a non-white sail at the Burghfield open meeting earlier this year.

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