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Border Reivers Review

This year saw the inaugural Border Reiver series. Intended to encourage Streaker sailors to travel and build the class around the Scottish / English border.
The event forms part of the Northern Paddle and tempted several Northern Sailors up to Scotland and also some sailors to compete in their first Streaker traveller.
Made up of 2 Scottish and 2 English events, the participants consider the series to have been a success and want to repeat it in 2020. The first event is planned for the first weekend in May at Annandale Sailing club, just over the Border and off the M74. 
The Reivers were Border raiding parties active between 1300- late 1700’s. Widows who lost husbands in raids were described as ‘being reived’ which became  ’ bereaved’ , a term still in use today. These days a little friendly rivalry is all that is anticipated! 
A beautiful handmade perpetual trophy was created by a local sailor, Louise Allan, and features the lush rolling landscape and lochs and lakes of the region. Oh and it has a Streaker taking centre stage. 
Congratulations to Phil Manning on being the first winner. 

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