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2020 calendar taking shape

Streaker opens, big and small, are now on the Events page of the website. Some changes are still being made but we're on our way to a complete list. As last year, the major events (Nationals and area championships) will count towards the Super Series, although this year the Inlands is replaced by a Coastal Championships. The Northern and Southern Paddles are the two major regional circuits but there are also smaller ones (South East, Midlands, Border Reivers, North West, Yorkshire and East Anglian) that overlap with the Paddles. 

If your club wants to run an open meeting, there may still be time to get it added to the list. Please contact Ian Priest regarding events in the North and Veronica Falat in the South. Click here for the Commitee contacts page.

Rules for the different circuits will be announced soon, e.g. how many events or races you need to compete in to qualify.

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