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Official Streaker plans/patterns for self-build

The Official Streaker Plans are now available from the SCOA at a cost of £130. They will be supplied on a CD which will include:

  • A copy of the full set of drawings (18 drawings) in AutoCAD format. These will have to be printed by the builder in A0 drawing size.
  • An itemised parts list of the required wood parts.
  • A standard fittings list.
  • Detailed building instructions.
  • A copy of the latest Streaker Class Owners Association Rules of Measurement and Construction.
  • A copy of the latest Streaker Class Owners Association Measurement Form.
  • The Streaker Guide to Builders and Measurers.
  • A sail number.
  • Free Membership of the SCOA for a period of 12 months if the builder is a newcomer to the Streaker Class.


The AutoCAD drawings of the Streaker plans will need to be printed onto A0 size paper. You will need to visit a reprographic shop that can read the drawings and print at A0 size. The bulkheads are shown in the plans full size, but the panels (deck, side tank and hull) are all half full size. These will need to be transposed using the offsets as given on the drawings for each panel onto the builder’s plywood sheets.

Only one Streaker may be built from an official CD. The cost of the CD includes the building fee, and each CD is supplied complete with one sail number.

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