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14th March 2014

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8th March 2014

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11th January 2014

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30th December 2013

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18th December 2013

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7th October 2013

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9th July 2013

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10th June 2013

Rooster Streaker

Rooster Streaker in action

It’s back to business as usual at the Boatyard at Beer after working flat out for 4 weeks developing and refining firstly the new plug for our deck mould and then the mould itself.  With the first two boats finishing production and going to new homes in the South in the next few days I am concerned as always that we will competing with other manufacturers’ demands on their time.  Kev Driver and Ian Teasdale's expertise is in small high performance epoxy dinghy production; this has inspired the likes of Pinnell and Bax to have them build their Scorpions and National 12s.  

More recently LDC's RS300, 600s and 700s are to be built by them too.  So we are once again in competition with the best to build quality boats. We have build slots for 3 more boats before the New Year and then we are back to the negotiating table for potential slots in March,  so if you want a boat for the new season book early to avoid the spring rush and the inevitable price increase - I am certainly going to book my slot now.  

Thanks must also go to Ian Jones for taking the plug and showing it off to the fleet, together with our latest sail design.


You will find all of our Streaker Spares and boat options on our website here.


Happy Streaking
Steve Cockerill


1st December 2012

Butler Streaker

Butler Streaker in action

Here at Butler Boats we currently are as busy as ever producing top class Streakers.

Both our Composite and FRP builds continue to be very popular and we are continuing to develop and advance the boat in association with the SCOA.

Contact us for further details of availibilty for 2013.

Contact details can be found on our website.

Members Area

Information on proposed rules rewrites, past newsletters and historical event results can be found in the Members Area


Gallery access has now changed. All photos can now be found here.

Centre Main

A gallery of centre mainsheet systems is being compiled. Please send your own images to be added to the webmaster. Centre Mainsheet gallery

A New Wave

A smaller sail is currently being developed specifically for the Streaker. At this stage the sail is very much a prototype, but the SCOA Committee considered that we should announce the development, so that your views towards such a sail can be heard. The smaller sailed boat would be known as a 'Streaker Wave', and like a Laser Radial is to a Laser will compliment the Streaker at both Open circuit and club handicap racing. See Article by Alan Gillard.

Streaker Blog

Check out Alan Simmon's Streaker Ramblings Blog

Nationals 2010 at Stewartby Water SC on June 12th/13th


Added to the tuning section is an article by Alan Gillard explaining the use of velcro for dagger board protection


SCOA has a new Hon. Sec. - and it's me! I'm Veronica Falat and I bought a Streaker (1654) last autumn.

What a great little boat! Why hadn't I tried one before? Well, to be honest, until last year I really didn't know much about the class. I live in the Norfolk Broads area and have only rarely seen a Streaker here -

but now that I'm a proud owner of one, I'm keen to spread the word as to how great the class and the Association are.

Forthcoming Open Meetings - 12th April, Emberton Park Sailing Club - 13th April, Scammonden Sailing Club

Streaker Inland Championships Preview


This year the Inlands will be at Draycote Water SC over the weekend of 26th-27th April. This means it’s much earlier in the season than usual but hopefully everyone will be ready and raring to go.

Draycote Water is a really good sailing venue and, being just SW of Rugby, close to the M1, it should be reasonably easy for people to get to from the north and the south.

We’ll be sharing the event with the Enterprise Class. They had arranged to hold their Inlands there but then suggested to us that we could join them. We have now agreed our own Notice of Race and Entry Form.

There is also a form that you need to download and bring with you to confirm that your boat has been washed down so there’s no chance you’ll be introducing invasive species of wildlife (killer shrimps, etc) to Draycote Water. Finally, the DWSC open meeting Sailing Instructions are also available.

It’s important that the club knows how many people are coming, especially as the entry fee includes the cost of a meal on the Saturday night. Therefore please let Streaker Class Sec. Veronica Falat know by Sunday 20thApril if you will be coming so she can keep the club informed.

The club’s postcode is CV23 8AB. There are directions for getting there on the club’s website

Report by Veronica Falat

10th April 2014

Streakers at the Show

Butler Show Streaker

We had a great time at the RYA Dinghy Show last weekend. The two boats on our class stand were the centre of much interest and so was the one on the Butler stand. Both Butler Boats and Rooster Sailing took orders – in fact the FRP boat on Dave B’s stand found a buyer there and then!

Butlers can now provide Streakers in various formats. The all wood boat, as seen at the Show, looks really attractive and the new style cockpit floor makes it nice and stiff. The Show boat was also of interest because of the mainsheet track and traveller it was fitted with. This is purely experimental. Our rules haven’t been changed so it’s not class legal but it will be something that can be voted on at the AGM in June. Reports from the boats that have been allowed dispensation to try tracks and travellers should be reaching us soon, now that the racing season is about to start.

Butler Show Streaker

The FRP boat on the Butler Stand also looked very good. In the photo you’ll see that Dave has produced a useful-looking accessory – a bracket to fit over the dagger board box which the boom can be stowed into when you’re packing your boat up.

Rooster Show Streaker

The Rooster boat was not a brand new boat but you would be forgiven for not realising that! The hull is Ian Jones’ boat that was the very first to have the short aft deck back in the autumn of 2012. Ian clearly knows how to look after a boat! Steve Cockerill reports that the next batch of six Rooster Streakers will be produced in May and a couple are still available to order.

It is a great pleasure to be associated with the Streaker class at the Dinghy Show. There is so much interest from visitors to the stand and it’s fun to meet fellow Streaker sailors from clubs far and wide.

Naturally many SCOA members were keen to discuss the issue of the ballot and whether there’s a place in the marker for another licensed FRP builder. Don’t forget to vote by midnight on March 12th. (If you’re a SCOA full member but haven’t received a ballot, contact Class Chairman Peter Cogill immediately.)

By the way, don’t forget that if you like the idea of a new wooden boat and fancy the idea of building it yourself, the plans are available on CD from the class association or, if you don’t trust yourself to get the hull quite right, you can buy a part-built kit from Butler Boats which can take some of the stress out of the project!

Report by Veronica Falat

8th March 2014

Catch up with Streaker News at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show

Streaker Show

Stand B8 in the Great Hall of Alexandra Palace is the place to be on March 1st-2nd to find out what’s new in the Streaker class. As usual we’ll have 2 Streakers on display – a Rooster FRP and a wooden Butler.

The Butler boat will reflect the rule changes that were passed in 2013 relating to wooden boats, such as the double-thickness cockpit floor instead of stiffening battens and holes allowed in the keelson to allow water to pass from one side of the cockpit to the other and so get to the self bailers more easily. It will also be fitted with a track and traveller for the centre mainsheet , which is not class legal, but this particular boat has been allowed dispensation to experiment with this system. Do have a look at it and tell us what you think.

Visiting the stand will also give you the chance to pay your SCOA subs. Membership Sec. Nick Lovell will be very pleased to see you! It’s only £15 for ordinary membership and £10 for juniors.

Of course, you’ll be aware of all the discussions going on about whether we should increase the number of our licensed builders for FRP boats. The Dinghy Show will give you a chance to talk to us and to our licensed builders – Steve Cockerill will be on the Rooster stand (B58) and Dave Butler will be on the Butler Boats stand (C10).

Streaker Show

The Dinghy Show is always a great place to meet people and catch up with sailing news. You might already have heard that our National Champion Tom Gillard has now moved from Pinnell & Bax to work at North Sails. He will be sailing Solos, 505s and Fireballs – and Streakers of course. So it will be interesting to see if North Sails become more involved in our class.

Several people have commented in the last few years about how expensive Streaker masts seem to be. This is an issue that the Committee is looking at and so is something else you can talk to us about.

This is certainly an interesting time for the class!

More information

Report by Veronica Falat

22nd February 2014

Rule Changes and Ideas!

At the Streaker class AGM in June there were several proposals for rule changes and since then the Technical Committee has been working to make the relevant additions and alterations to the rules and the measurement forms. Streaker action shot The new rules will be available on the website very soon. Watch this space!

Wooden boats:

  • Cockpit floor – this shall be stiffened with the floor battens as already specified in the rules or with a second layer of ply (min. thickness 4mm) glued to the floor. A couple of builders were allowed dispensation earlier this year to try this out and it is now officially offered as an option not only for builders of new wooden boats but also to owners of older boats that need renovation. (By the way, If you do remove the floor battens and cover the cockpit floor with plywood, you will need to get your boat checked and reweighed by a class measurer as per our class rule 1.07b.)

  • The rules now allow for holes in the keelson (central spine) in the cockpit. This will enable water to drain from one side of the cockpit to the other.

  • Lightening holes are now allowed in the bulkheads within side tanks.

  • Stiffeners are now allowed inside the stern tank to stiffen the bottom of the boat aft of the cockpit.


  • The rudder blade can be up to 100mm longer than before. Also, regardless of the length of the blade, the shape of the bottom 100mm is optional.

  • The rudder blade can now be made of alloy as well as the other materials already allowed in the rules.

Sail insignia:

  • The sail insignia (the blue stripe) must be attached to both sides of the sail. This applies to new sails.

  • The insignia will now be slightly higher up the sail than before, allowing more room for the starboard sail numbers to fit between the middle batten and the insignia. This should also make it easier for measurers to measure the position of the insignia. Also the sail measurement form makes it clear where the sail numbers must be positioned.

As well as these rule changes, the Technical Committee has been considering ideas suggested by Streaker sailors. In particular, the idea of allowing centre mainsheet tracks and travellers was put forward at the AGM. Some people think that a mainsheet track could be very appealing to people considering joining the Streakers from classes such as the Solo. However, there may well be significant difficulties in adopting a track and traveller system especially if we want to ensure that all boats, not just brand new ones, could use it. To help evaluate the idea, dispensation has been allowed to a wooden boat (soon to be built by Butler Boats for Gil Cumming) to be fitted with a track and traveller, and similarly Dave Butler is going to fit a track and traveller to his own FRP boat 1853; therefore we should have two boats, one in the south and one in the north, that we can learn from during next season. Also, I’ve just heard from Paul Whyld, who started the ball rolling with his proposal at the AGM, that he’s keen to experiment with a track on his Rooster Streaker next year. We’re a long way off from making tracks and travellers legal for Streakers and it may never happen but the Technical Committee is happy to evaluate the idea.

Report by Veronica Falat

17th December 2013

Looking for a Christmas present for a Streaker Sailor?

Streaker Wave top

How about Streaker personalised clothing from Wave Clothing

The SCOA have teamed up Wave Clothing to supply a range of clothes with Streaker logos.

Lots of styles and colours, with logos on the chest and sleeve, with a choice optional Streaker printed on the back, and personalised text

4th December 2013

Sail Register 2013 Streaker Northern Paddle

Streaker action shot

22 boats qualified by sailing 15 races for the Sail Register sponsored 2013 Streaker Northern Paddle series; 104 boats entered one of the 187 Open Meetings with 2 cancelled due snow or wind. The average turnouts of 17 was higher than last year with a highest of 31 at Ripon.

After many years of sailing Streakers, Ian Jones (Dovestone) finally came to six open meetings and qualified for the Northern Paddle series. Ian won the Paddle with 15 wins, followed by Alan Gillard (Sheffield Viking) and Ian Lees (Scammonden) third.

This year we had three juniors sailing on the circuit with two qualifying; Robin Jones (Hykeham) finished 8th and Sally Ratcliffe (Scammonden) 13th. Robin and Sally with Isaac Marsh (Hykeham) were soon challenging the front of the fleet, and are sailors who will soon be winning races.

Ian Whitfield was the lucky winner of the draw for the Sail Register Sail, which had 828 entries, one for every race sailed.

The final positions are:

Helm Club Sail No Points
Ian Jones Dovestone 1849 15
Alan Gillard Sheffield Viking 1832 19
Ian Lees Scammonden 1784 42
Ben Ratcliffe Scammonden 1858 45
Nick Lovell Ouse Amateur 1769 51
Chris Wright Ripon 1754 53
Dan Phillips Ripon 1809 59
Robin Jones Hykeham 1837 77
John Hollis Pennine 1627 80
Jon Aldhous Beaver 1703 87
Pete Tyerman Pennine 1801 90
Peter Kitchen Tees & Hartlepool 1616 105
Sally Ratcliffe Scammonden 1788 108
Peter Cogill Rotherham 1683 117
Dave Smith Welton 1790 123
John Burgoine Tamworth 1713 127
Matt Whitfield Tamworth 1446 128
Alan Ward Ulley 1557 157
Ian Whitfield Tamworth 1548 166
Richard Long Hollingworth Lake 1625 190
Steve Chilton Yorkshire Ouse 1621 217
Dave Hinks Yeadon 1563 236

Report by Peter Cogill

3rd Novemeber 2013

Pennine Streaker Sail Register Open meeting

Pennine 2013

26th October 2013

19 hardy Streaker sailors arrived for the 2013 Pennine open despite the threat of high winds.

The first race started in a fresh breeze but the wind was steadily strengthening through the race. The early part of the race was close but Ian Jones gradually took control followed by Ian Lees and Ben Radcliffe.

Following a pleasant lunch with many comment on the good view from Pennine extended clubhouse we all considered the second race. Chris Wright's boat sailed off on its own over lunch and his trip to fetch it decided him against starting. The conditions supported his choice as only 7 completed the race. Of those hardy 7 Ian Jones really showed the way to sail in heavy weather developing a lead of over a leg of the course. Second was much more fought over with Ian Lees leading Matt Whitfield and Isaac Marsh home.

The last race was restricted to only 6 starters Ian Jones and Ian Bradley and Ben Radcliffe deciding they had had enough leaving the others to fight a competitive race in heavy weather Ian Lees finally winning from Matt Whitfield and John Aldous.

The 2 ladies in the fleet had a hard time Sally Ratcliffe having to be rescued after injuring her knee and Wendy Jones spend a lot of time in the water to get her results.

Helm Club Sail No R1 R2 R3 Points
Ian Jones Dovestone 1849 1 1 2
Ian Lees Scammonden 1784 2 2 1 3
Matt Whitfield Tamworth 1446 6 3 2 5
Jon Aldhous Beaver 1703 4 rtd  3 7
Ben Ratcliffe Scammonden 1858 3 6 9
Isaac Marsh Hykeham 1605 5 4 6 9
Ian Whitfield Tamworth 1548 13 7 4 11
Robin Jones Hykeham 1837 8 rtd 5 13
Ian Bradley Ouse Amateur 1817 11 5 16
John Burgoine Tamworth 1713 7 27
Peter Cogill Rotherham 1683 9 rtd29
Alan Ward Ulley 1557 1030
Wendy Jones Dovestone 1759 12 rtd rtd 32
John Hollis Pennine 1627 14 34
Tom Gentry Pennine 1859 15 35
Chris Wright Ripon 1754 1636
Richard Long Hollingworth Lake 1625 1737
Sally Ratcliffe Scammonden 1788 18 rtd38
Pete Tyerman Pennine 1801 1939

Report by Peter Tyerman

3rd Novemeber 2013

Southern Championships

Report of Streaker Southern Championships at Alton Water on Saturday 12th October

Southerns 2013

First the weather forecast was for gales and then for a flat calm so it was not surprising that the entry for the Streaker Southern Championships at Alton Water on Saturday 12th October had a disappointingly low entry of just 7 boats. However, the conditions turned out to be really quite pleasant (if you like light and shifty!) so those of us who did turn up were treated to a very nice day’s racing. This was also the last event in this year’s Pinnell & Bax sponsored Southern Paddle travellers series and Ian Bradley and Veronica Falat arrived as joint leaders, with exactly the same results to count.

Southerns 2013

In race 1 Alex Reindorp from Chipstead led at the first mark. Veronica rounded next with Ian Bradley close behind and these two were then involved in various luffing matches. As the race progressed Veronica pulled clear of Ian but couldn’t catch Alex who took the win in fine style. Race 2 was sailed in a slightly stronger breeze and the fleet was closely bunched for the first lap. Ian Bradley was the leader but couldn’t open up a very safe margin and was constantly challenged by Mark Langston from Beccles. At the finish Mark was just inches behind Ian, with Veronica in third place and Ian Mansfield of the home club fourth.

Southerns 2013

After a short lunch break the deciding race of the series saw Ian Bradley and Veronica battling for the lead. For a brief period Veronica got ahead on a beat but couldn’t keep Ian behind and eventually Ian took the win and so secured both the Southern Area Championship and the Southern Paddle. At the prize-giving the draw was made for the Pinnell & Bax Streaker sail; all class members had been awarded raffle tickets according to the number of Southern Paddle races they had entered this year and the lucky winner turned out to be one of the sailors present, Alan Simmons from Lancing SC. Veronica was runner-up in the Paddle series and Mark Langston was 3rd

Alton Water did a great job in providing good racing and making the day so enjoyable.

Report by Veronica Falat
Photos : Karen Langston

Pos Helm Sail No. Club R 1 R 2 R 3 Nett
1 Ian Bradley 1817 Ouse Amateur SC -3 1 1 2
2 Alex Reindorp 1819 Chipstead SC 1 -6 3 4
3 Veronica Falat 1654 Waveney & Oulton Broad YC 2 -3 2 4
4 Mark Langston 1789 Beccles Amateur SC (8.0 RET) 2 4 6
5 Ian Mansfield 1723 Alton Water SC 4 4 -7 8
6 Alan Simmons 1700 Lancing SC -5 5 5 10
7 Nick Carter 1828 Burghfield SC 6 -7 6 12

16th October 2013

West Riding Northern Paddle Series Open Meeting

West Riding 2013

Stunning weather, a competitive fleet and the user friendly facilities of West Riding SC gave the 24 competitors a great day out for this leg of the Streaker Northern Paddle Series held on Saturday 28th September. Entries came from as far afield as Tees & Hartlepool YC in the North to Tamworth SC in the South, and there was wind to suit all weights and ages during the day.

At 9am Wintersett Reservoir was like a mirror with wisps of mist around the edges. By the 10.30 briefing the sun was breaking through and a light breeze was filling in with the promise of more to come. The fleet welcomed Race Officer Hamish Gledhill's decision to postpone until 11.30am allowing the breeze to build as forecast.

West Riding 2013

The wind was still light as the fleet got away in race one and the four boats of Alan Gillard, Ben Ratcliffe, Robin Jones and Ian Jones quickly detached themselves ahead of the competition in that order. With the wind gradually increasing, Ian worked his way into the lead by the end of the second lap ahead of Alan, leaving Ben and Robin to fight it out for third place. Robin looked to have the edge as the two ran to the finish, but with the wind coming down in random quantities of strength it was Ben who edged through Robin to take third place on the line.

The wind was firming up at the start of the first of two back-to back races in the afternoon; although still with plenty of shifts to unravel the best laid plans. Wendy Jones made a beautiful start and raced round the first lap pursued by husband Ian. These two drew away to give a family display of formation sailing, except Ian spoilt the script by taking the lead. Spaced out behind were Robin Jones, Alan Gillard and Dave Smith who held their positions to the end. Sally Ratcliffe kept her dad, Ben, at bay for a couple of laps in 6th place before he put decided to put his house back in order for the finish.

West Riding 2013

With the event already sewn up, Ian Jones, appeared to make a lethargic start in the last race only to glide up the first beat with deceptive speed to round the first mark just ahead of Alan Gillard. These two engaged in a race long battle and Alan appeared to have edged into a decisive lead on the last lap. The two disappeared behind a headland on the last-but-one beat and, abracadabra, like a magician Ian re-appeared in the lead, which he maintained to the end. Matthew Whitfield, who had struggled to make the top half of the fleet in the first two races, made a brilliant start and sailed his socks off to hold third place all the way round, ahead of Ian Lees and John Hollis who also enjoyed their best results of the day.

With the sun still shining out of a cloudless sky, competitors packed their boats up prior to the prize giving before hitting the road home with a request to return next year.

PosnSailNo Club HelmName R1 R2 R3 Total Nett
1 1849 Dovestone SC Ian Jones -1 1 1 3 2
21832 Viking SC Alan Gillard 2 -4 2 8 4
31759 Dovestone SC Wendy Jones 5 2 -8 15 7
41837 Hykekam SC Robin Jones 4 3 (25.0 RET) 32 7
51858 Scammonden SC Ben Ratcliffe 3 6 -10 19 9
61784 Scammonden SC Ian Lees -7 7 4 18 11
71790 Welton SC Dave Smith -14 5 7 26 12
81627 Pennine John Hollis 9 -13 5 27 14
91605 Scammonden SC Isaac Marsh 6 -17 9 32 15
101446 Tamworth SC Mathew Whitfield 13 -18 3 34 16

Report by John Gledhill

7th October 2013

Streaker Inland Championships


Bassenthwaite SC, 3-4th August 2013.

23 helms found their way to Bassenthwaite Sailing Club for the Inland Championships to be held on the first weekend of the Bass Week Regatta. They were greeted on Saturday morning with a strong force 4 gusting 5 and bright sunshine.

Bass 2013

The strong winds meant many stayed ashore and so only 10 helms lined up for the first race. With many of the usual favourites absent, it was Tom Lonsdale who won the first beat, followed closely by Dan Phillips, Pete Lawson, Matt Whitfield and Peter Cogill. By the end of the 5th leg Lonsdale, Phillips and Whitfield had managed to open a gap over the rest of the fleet. Whitfield managed to pass Phillips upwind on the way to the first pass through the finishing line, a sequence of 3 marks designed to give the race office time to correctly record the positions. Lonsdale failed to pass round all three mark and so had to return and unwind himself, dropping down the fleet and leaving Whitfield in the lead with Phillips close behind. After holding the lead for a few legs Whitfield failed to spot the breeze filling in and Phillips made his move, taking the lead and building a gap while Lonsdale climbed back into third place. Poor luck for Whitfield and Lonsdale saw them trapped in a hole on the following leg, powerless as they watched Phillips further extend his lead and eventually take the win, followed by Lonsdale in second and Whitfield third. Barney Proud followed in a distant 4th having made his way through the fleet after a poor start. Dave Metcalfe was 5th with Peter Cogill rounding out the top six.

The second race got underway in much the same conditions as the first, on a different course due to a shift in the wind. This time Phillips, Lonsdale and Whitfield rounded the windward mark fairly clear of the rest of the fleet and had a significant gap by the end of the 4th leg. The lead swapped between the three for much of the first lap, with each leading at some point. Due to the nature of the event it was not long before this lead group began to catch slower boats in front, having to work their way through these other fleets, a task that could prove tricky. It was this that proved to be Whitfield’s undoing, getting caught with an Enterprise and GP14 in his wind on a run, leaving him to finish a distant third. On this occasion Phillips was no match for Lonsdale and had to settle for second. Barney Proud came home 4th with Dan Gentry 5th and Dave Metcalfe 6th.

After and evening of live entertainment, a bigger fleet lined up for race three on Sunday morning, in similar conditions to the previous day, the only difference being the bigger difference between the gusts and the lulls. Lonsdale again won the first beat with Phillips and Whitfield close behind, this time joined by a fresh legged Stuart Hoare and Chris Wright who had sat out the Saturday. In only three legs this small group had caught a fleet of enterprises and GP14’s with Lonsdale leading the charge through on a dead run. With some chopping and changing, Whitfield, Phillips and Lonsdale arrived at the next mark practically glued together having ducked and dived through the slower boats. However, it was Hoare who came out on top having sailed around the outside of the entire group and shot off down the next reach. By the end of the lap, Whitfield had passed Hoare for the lead with Lonsdale now second, Hoare third, Phillip fourth with Wright a distant fifth. Whitfield, Phillips and Lonsdale soon found themselves battling again, with Phillips taking the lead only to suffer gear failure and have to retire. This left Lonsdale and Whitfield to battle for the lead with Lonsdale the eventual winner, Whitfield second and Hoare third. Fourth went the way of David Smith with Chris Wright and Pete Lawson rounding out the top six.

The fourth and final race got underway, after a general recall in the medium handicap fleet caused a 15 minute delay, in a steadily decreasing breeze. Phillips, needing to win the race to take the championship came out on top after the first beat with Lonsdale close behind. Whitfield managed to sneak through in third just ahead of Cogill and Lawson. By the fourth leg, Whitfield was leading with Lonsdale second and Phillips third. Having had clear air on the long reach down the lake, Whitfield was still leading at the end of the first lap. Due to the delayed start the fast handicap and Flying Dutchman fleets were catching and despite doing his best to avoid the situation, Whitfield found himself blocked by a Flying Dutchman and his lead disappearing. The next beat was closely fought between Phillips, Lonsdale and Whitfield with David Smith now joining the action. The four all battled closely for the remainder of the race and coming onto the last beat it looked as though Lonsdale was going to take the honours. However, Lonsdale got pinned low on the beat by a flying fifteen, having to gybe around the back to get clear air. By this time Phillips had taken the lead and remained there till the finish. This was also enough for Smith to find a way through to take second, with Lonsdale finishing third followed by Whitfield in Fourth. Chris Wright was fifth with Peter Cogill sixth.

The final race win allowed Dan Phillips to take the Championship, with Tom Lonsdale second and Matt Whitfield third. Prizes were awarded to the top five and also to the top three in the silver fleet, won by Chris Wright in 12th overall, who takes home the Silver Spares trophy.

Full Results can be found here:

The Streaker Class Owners Association and all competitors would like to thank Bassenthwaite Sailing Club for their hospitality and organisation of such an enjoyable event. We hope to return again in the future.

For regular Streaker sailors the next open meeting is at Broxbourne on the 1st of September in the south and Ripon on the 14th of September in the north.

Report by Matt Whitfield

10th August 2013

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Northerns Hornsea 2011

Nationals 2010

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