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Nationals - Part Deux! 2014 Nationals - unfinished business! Carsington SC have confirmed that we can return on Saturday 11th October to complete our Nationals on that day. It's planned to sail 3 races, first start at 11.00. If you want to turn up on the Friday and get your boat rigged then, that will be fine. The catering team can offer a meal for £8.50 on the Friday evening if at least 25 people want this so let Veronica Falat know if you would like this. Those of us who competed in the event back in June won't have to pay another entry fee although there will probably be a re-entry form to fill in. Anyone who wishes to join us in October will have to pay something - probably a max. of £15. More details of that should be available soon. It should be a good day's sailing on a super piece of water - and the wind is bound to be good to us in October! Please note: the date of the Yeadon open meeting is unchanged and so will also be on Oct. 11th. FREE ENTRY ... ... to all that entered and paid the first time in June! If you didn't attend before you are still welcome, but a fee will apply - watch this space, but probably a maximum of £15. Don't quote me! All those wishing to take advantage of this please complete the re-entry form when it appears on the website. If you are planning to travel on the Friday, the club will be open for an evening meal if sufficient numbers indicate they are interested. Please mark the appropriate box on the re-entry form. See you there! Ian Bradley Chair, SCOA


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10th June 2013

Rooster Streaker

Rooster Streaker in action

It’s back to business as usual at the Boatyard at Beer after working flat out for 4 weeks developing and refining firstly the new plug for our deck mould and then the mould itself.  With the first two boats finishing production and going to new homes in the South in the next few days I am concerned as always that we will competing with other manufacturers’ demands on their time.  Kev Driver and Ian Teasdale's expertise is in small high performance epoxy dinghy production; this has inspired the likes of Pinnell and Bax to have them build their Scorpions and National 12s.  

More recently LDC's RS300, 600s and 700s are to be built by them too.  So we are once again in competition with the best to build quality boats. We have build slots for 3 more boats before the New Year and then we are back to the negotiating table for potential slots in March,  so if you want a boat for the new season book early to avoid the spring rush and the inevitable price increase - I am certainly going to book my slot now.  

Thanks must also go to Ian Jones for taking the plug and showing it off to the fleet, together with our latest sail design.


You will find all of our Streaker Spares and boat options on our website here.


Happy Streaking
Steve Cockerill


1st December 2012

Butler Streaker

Butler Streaker in action

Here at Butler Boats we currently are as busy as ever producing top class Streakers.

Both our Composite and FRP builds continue to be very popular and we are continuing to develop and advance the boat in association with the SCOA.

Contact us for further details of availibilty for 2013.

Contact details can be found on our website.

Noble Marine Streaker Nationals – Part 1

pin end

Report by Veronica Falat 52 Streakers arrived at Carsington SC for their National Championships, sponsored by Noble Marine Insurance, on the weekend of 21st-22nd June. As we rigged for the first race on Saturday morning the conditions looked absolutely lovely – blue sky, blue water and a breeze that everyone remarked on as being better than was forecast. So off we all set and the race started at the first attempt at 11 o’clock. Steve Cockerill led up the first beat with reigning champion Tom Gillard close behind, and Dave Butler rounded the first mark in third place. On the first run Veronica Falat moved up to third but on the next beat several boats made gains in the breeze that was becoming less and less stable. Tom Gillard had now taken the lead from Steve and managed to pull clear ahead. Newcomer to the fleet, James Wilson, worked the right hand side of the beat to good effect and he and Steve were then neck and neck on the final run and reach to the finish, with James taking second place by inches. Meanwhile the breeze was dying away and most of the fleet ended up drifting to the finish line. Everyone went ashore and, after lunch, attempts were made to get the next race started. Unfortunately what breeze there was, was now shifting hugely and first one end of the line was extremely favoured and then the other. After several recalls and postponements, race 2 did get underway but the breeze petered out again as we approached the windward mark and tried to get along the first reach and on to the run. In the still air, the three sound signals for abandonment were clearly heard and welcomed by most of us! That put paid to racing on Saturday but the conditions were just as bad on Sunday, with the reservoir looking very pretty with its glassy water! No racing was possible. This was a joint event with the K1 Inland Championships and both classes discussed with the club what should happen. The outcome is that the event will be resumed at Carsington later in the year, provisionally on 11th October. Streaker sailors, watch out for more announcements on this on the class website in due course. Provisional results of Race 1 are at:

Noble Marine Streaker National Championships - Carsington S.C. June 21st-22nd

Notice of Race and Entry Form are on the Streaker website and the Sailing Instructions are now on the Carsington SC website.
Please note - after June 14th the entry fee goes up from £35 to £40, except that entries made on the day (i.e on Sat. 21st) will be £45. That means you've only got a week before the price goes up!
The entry fee includes the Saturday evening meal. You can book more meal tickets using the entry form. Also, if you're arriving on the Friday, you can book a meal for Friday evening. (We're expecting quite a lot of people to do that as the AGM will follow on.)
We know some people won't want to commit to entering the championships until they've seen the last minute weather forecasts and we think this is particularly true for some of our older sailors. Therefore, to encourage older sailors to compete, the SCOA committee has decided that sailors aged 70 or over can have 50% of their entry fee refunded if they start at least one race.
The event is being run jointly with the K1 Inland Championships. Both classes will have 3 races on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
Don't forget, if you won a trophy last year to bring it with you - all nice and shiny please!

You can't camp in the club grounds but there's a camp site about 200 metres away at Uppertown Farm, although it doesn't have toilets. For more details of accommodation, click here.

It hasn't been possible to organise a training day this year. I know there was good support for it last time. Maybe we can arrange something else later in the year.

SCOA AGM - 7.30pm Friday 20th June in the Training Room at Carsington S.C.

Agenda of the 40th Annual General Meeting:

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 2013 AGM
  3. Matters arising
  4. Chairman's report
  5. Secretary's report
  6. Treasurer's report
  7. Membership Secretary's report
  8. Election of the Committee
  9. Set annual subscription for 2015
  10. Report of the Technical Committee
  11. GRP/FRP presentations
  12. Proposed rule changes: a) centre mainsheet systems, b) sail slider for tack of mainsail,   c) mast development, d) other changes
  13. 40th Anniversary celebrations in 2015
  14. Venues for future Nationals and Inland championships
  15. Open meetings and Paddle Series
  16. Any other business.

Streaker website
Please note that Chris More has now stepped down as our webmaster and this role is being taken over by Christopher Tyerman.

Inland Championship


26th-27th April 2014

A fleet of 26 boats turned up at Draycote Water SC for the Streaker Inland Championships on the weekend of 26th-27th April. Conditions looked really nice as we rigged up and launched n the shelter of high ground near the clubhouse – but half way across the reservoir we realised just how vicious some of the gusts were. ‘Blustery’ was the term used by the BBC weatherman. I really don’t think that adequately describes the full-on blast we encountered!

The first two races were run back-to-back. In the first, Ian Lees led to the first mark having gone left on the beat. He rounded well ahead of everyone else but bit by bit Ian Jones closed the gap and eventually overtook him. Mike Hobin, Alan Gillard and Jon Aldous were also in hot pursuit, demonstrating excellent boat handling skills in the tough conditions. They finished in that order and then, in race two, it was this group of 5 that were again at the front. Jones won again with Gillard 2nd and Hobin 3rd. After hot drinks and snacks ashore, race 3 was sailed. Some decided to give this one a miss and were probably quite happy to hear afterwards that the wind had not eased at all! Jones was 1st, and Hobin, who had led in the early stages, was 2nd, with Gillard 3rd and Lees 4th. Elsewhere in the fleet there were plenty of spectacular capsizes but fortunately little gear failure. Chris Smith suffered a broken shroud early in the day but, undaunted, managed to jury rig it and was soon back on the water.

Fortunately conditions were more manageable on Sunday although it was cold and grey with occasional rain showers. The breeze was quite unsteady and there were big shifts to contend with. Several people who had struggled on Saturday were well placed at least for parts of these final two races and Veronica Falat finished 5th in race 4 and Howard Frear and Dave Smith were 4thand 5th respectively in race 5. However, it was the same group of 4 boats that continued to lead – Jones, Hobin, Gillard and Lees. With five straight wins, Ian Jones took the Inland Championship title in fine style. Mike Hobin was also incredibly consistent, counting three 2nds and a 3rd, to finish in the runner-up spot and Alan Gillard took 3rd place overall.

Ian Whitfield won the Silver Fleet trophy and a prize was also awarded to junior sailor Sally Ratcliffe who completed every race despite the tough conditions.

The Streaker class would like to thank both Draycote Water SC for their hospitality and excellent race organisation and also the Enterprise Association for inviting us to team up with them for a joint Inland Championship weekend.

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 26, Scoring system: Appendix A

Rank SailNo HelmName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1st 1849 Ian Jones Dovestone SC (1.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 5.0 4.0
2nd 1814 Mike Hobin West Oxfordshire SC (3.0) 3.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 12.0 9.0
3rd 1832 Alan Gillard Sheffield Viking SC (5.0) 2.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 16.0 11.0
4th 1779 Ian Lees Scammonden Water SC 2.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 (27.0 DNF) 41.0 14.0
5th 1703 Jon Aldhous Beaver SC 4.0 5.0 5.0 7.0 (8.0) 29.0 21.0
6th 1626 (1817) Ian Bradley Ouse Amateur SC 6.0 7.0 (13.0) 6.0 9.0 41.0 28.0
7th 1654 Veronica Falat Waveney & Oulton Broad YC (12.0) 9.0 10.0 5.0 6.0 42.0 30.0
8th 1822 Ben Ratcliffe Scammonden Water SC 9.0 8.0 12.0 8.0 (27.0 DNF) 64.0 37.0
9th 1803 Scott Bonner Durleigh SC 7.0 (27.0 DNF) 7.0 9.0 15.0 65.0 38.0
10th 1851 James Dawes Redditch SC 13.0 6.0 9.0 12.0 (14.0) 54.0 40.0
11th 1446 Matt Whitfield Tamworth SC 10.0 10.0 6.0 (21.0) 17.0 64.0 43.0
12th 1777 Howard Frear Sutton Bingham SC 17.0 11.0 (27.0 DNC) 15.0 4.0 74.0 47.0
13th 1548 Ian Whitfield Tamworth SC 8.0 13.0 8.0 18.0 (20.0) 67.0 47.0
14th 1774 Alan Ward Ulley SC 11.0 15.0 (17.0) 13.0 10.0 66.0 49.0
15th 1759 (1566) Kaye Tickle Leigh & Lowton SC / WLYC 14.0 (27.0 DNF) 11.0 11.0 18.0 81.0 54.0
16th 1683 Peter Cogill Rotherham SC 15.0 14.0 16.0 (17.0) 11.0 73.0 56.0
17th 1788 Sally Ratcliffe Scammonden Water SC 18.0 12.0 15.0 (19.0) 12.0 76.0 57.0
18th 1783 Alan Bennett Staunton Harold SC (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNF 27.0 DNC 10.0 7.0 98.0 71.0
19th 1844 Chris Smith Island Barn R. SC (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNF 14.0 14.0 16.0 98.0 71.0
20th 1790 Dave Smith Welton SC (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 16.0 5.0 102.0 75.0
21st 1841 Charles Adams West Lancs. YC 19.0 (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNC 20.0 13.0 106.0 79.0
22nd 1665 Paul Thomas-Peter Ripon SC 20.0 (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNC 22.0 19.0 115.0 88.0
23rd 1870 Debbie Degge Bartley SC 16.0 (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 124.0 97.0
24th 1875 Peter Witherington Burghfield SC (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 135.0 108.0
24th 1867 Roger Pratt Draycote Water SC (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 135.0 108.0
24th 691 (1763) Paul Jago Hykeham SC (27.0 DNF) 27.0 DNF 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 27.0 DNC 135.0 108.0

Report by Veronica Falat
Photo: Paula Southworth

29th April 2014

Streaker Inland Championships Preview


This year the Inlands will be at Draycote Water SC over the weekend of 26th-27th April. This means it’s much earlier in the season than usual but hopefully everyone will be ready and raring to go.

Draycote Water is a really good sailing venue and, being just SW of Rugby, close to the M1, it should be reasonably easy for people to get to from the north and the south.

We’ll be sharing the event with the Enterprise Class. They had arranged to hold their Inlands there but then suggested to us that we could join them. We have now agreed our own Notice of Race and Entry Form.

There is also a form that you need to download and bring with you to confirm that your boat has been washed down so there’s no chance you’ll be introducing invasive species of wildlife (killer shrimps, etc) to Draycote Water. Finally, the DWSC open meeting Sailing Instructions are also available.

It’s important that the club knows how many people are coming, especially as the entry fee includes the cost of a meal on the Saturday night. Therefore please let Streaker Class Sec. Veronica Falat know by Sunday 20thApril if you will be coming so she can keep the club informed.

The club’s postcode is CV23 8AB. There are directions for getting there on the club’s website

Report by Veronica Falat

10th April 2014

Streakers at the Show

Butler Show Streaker

We had a great time at the RYA Dinghy Show last weekend. The two boats on our class stand were the centre of much interest and so was the one on the Butler stand. Both Butler Boats and Rooster Sailing took orders – in fact the FRP boat on Dave B’s stand found a buyer there and then!

Butlers can now provide Streakers in various formats. The all wood boat, as seen at the Show, looks really attractive and the new style cockpit floor makes it nice and stiff. The Show boat was also of interest because of the mainsheet track and traveller it was fitted with. This is purely experimental. Our rules haven’t been changed so it’s not class legal but it will be something that can be voted on at the AGM in June. Reports from the boats that have been allowed dispensation to try tracks and travellers should be reaching us soon, now that the racing season is about to start.

Butler Show Streaker

The FRP boat on the Butler Stand also looked very good. In the photo you’ll see that Dave has produced a useful-looking accessory – a bracket to fit over the dagger board box which the boom can be stowed into when you’re packing your boat up.

Rooster Show Streaker

The Rooster boat was not a brand new boat but you would be forgiven for not realising that! The hull is Ian Jones’ boat that was the very first to have the short aft deck back in the autumn of 2012. Ian clearly knows how to look after a boat! Steve Cockerill reports that the next batch of six Rooster Streakers will be produced in May and a couple are still available to order.

It is a great pleasure to be associated with the Streaker class at the Dinghy Show. There is so much interest from visitors to the stand and it’s fun to meet fellow Streaker sailors from clubs far and wide.

Naturally many SCOA members were keen to discuss the issue of the ballot and whether there’s a place in the marker for another licensed FRP builder. Don’t forget to vote by midnight on March 12th. (If you’re a SCOA full member but haven’t received a ballot, contact Class Chairman Peter Cogill immediately.)

By the way, don’t forget that if you like the idea of a new wooden boat and fancy the idea of building it yourself, the plans are available on CD from the class association or, if you don’t trust yourself to get the hull quite right, you can buy a part-built kit from Butler Boats which can take some of the stress out of the project!

Report by Veronica Falat

8th March 2014

Catch up with Streaker News at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show

Streaker Show

Stand B8 in the Great Hall of Alexandra Palace is the place to be on March 1st-2nd to find out what’s new in the Streaker class. As usual we’ll have 2 Streakers on display – a Rooster FRP and a wooden Butler.

The Butler boat will reflect the rule changes that were passed in 2013 relating to wooden boats, such as the double-thickness cockpit floor instead of stiffening battens and holes allowed in the keelson to allow water to pass from one side of the cockpit to the other and so get to the self bailers more easily. It will also be fitted with a track and traveller for the centre mainsheet , which is not class legal, but this particular boat has been allowed dispensation to experiment with this system. Do have a look at it and tell us what you think.

Visiting the stand will also give you the chance to pay your SCOA subs. Membership Sec. Nick Lovell will be very pleased to see you! It’s only £15 for ordinary membership and £10 for juniors.

Of course, you’ll be aware of all the discussions going on about whether we should increase the number of our licensed builders for FRP boats. The Dinghy Show will give you a chance to talk to us and to our licensed builders – Steve Cockerill will be on the Rooster stand (B58) and Dave Butler will be on the Butler Boats stand (C10).

Streaker Show

The Dinghy Show is always a great place to meet people and catch up with sailing news. You might already have heard that our National Champion Tom Gillard has now moved from Pinnell & Bax to work at North Sails. He will be sailing Solos, 505s and Fireballs – and Streakers of course. So it will be interesting to see if North Sails become more involved in our class.

Several people have commented in the last few years about how expensive Streaker masts seem to be. This is an issue that the Committee is looking at and so is something else you can talk to us about.

This is certainly an interesting time for the class!

More information

Report by Veronica Falat

22nd February 2014

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Welton 2008

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