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Paddle rules for2014
Northern Paddle 12 races to count
Southern Paddle 9 results to count


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Class Rules updated

Nationals - Part Deux!

The Noble Marine Streaker Nationals 2014 at Carsington Sailing Club will be completed on Saturday 11th October, with 3 races planned for that day. The Notice of Race for this second part of the championships is now published on the Carsington Sailing Club website and can also be downloaded here. nationals p1

If you competed in Race 1 back in June, then you’re automatically entered for 11th October – but please contact Veronica Falat to say whether you intend to compete or not and whether there are any changes to your original entry, e.g. you’ve now got a different boat, you belong to a different club, etc.


If 3 races are sailed on Oct 11th, the Championships will consist of 4 races. Boats that have 4 results can discard their worst one. Boats that only sail on Oct. 11th will have to count all 3 results on that day. 
If the Championships consists of fewer than 4 races, there will be no discards.

If you missed out in June but would like to join in, there’ll be an entry form for you very soon. The fee will be £15. You can enter on the day but it will be very helpful for us to know in advance whether you’re intending to come. Let Veronica Falat know.

If you want to arrive at Carsington on the Friday to get your boat rigged and sorted in good time, you can also have an evening meal there. The cost is £8.50 for a 2-course meal and it’s available between 6.30 and 7.30pm. You must book beforehand. Again, let Veronica Falat know if you want this Friday meal. If not enough people book it by 7th Oct. it won’t happen; those who have booked will be informed.

The resumed Championships promises to be a lot of fun. Obviously, when we created this year’s sailing programme we didn’t intend it to work out like this but it gives us an extra chance for Streakers from all parts of the country to come together again before the open meeting season ends.

2014 Nationals - unfinished business!

Please note: the date of the Yeadon open meeting is unchanged and so will also be on Oct. 11th.

FREE ENTRY ... ... to all that entered and paid the first time in June! If you didn't attend before you are still welcome, but a fee will apply £15. Don't quote me! All those wishing to take advantage of this please complete the re-entry form when it appears on the website. If you are planning to travel on the Friday, the club will be open for an evening meal if sufficient numbers indicate they are interested. Ian Bradley Chair, SCOA