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Rooster / Beer Streaker 1775

Rooster / Beer Streaker 1775

Price: GBP2750

Boatyard at Beer built boat. Nicely set up, all ropes and most blocks replaced in 2019. Superspars mast and boom, P&B sail, top cover, trolley. Regular race winner.

Contact: James Sinclair
Tel: 07966645421 | Email

Posted: 06/10/2019
Approved: 06/10/2019
Expires: 25/11/2019
Streaker 1772

Streaker 1772

Price: GBP1500.00

Streaker 1772 for Sale Wooden Streaker built 2010 by John Chambers. Down to weight with correctors. Fast Ripon SC boat with North G-3R sail on good condition plus Sail Register sail. Road trailer with launching trolley combination, under cover, boom up cover, superspar mast and boom. In need of some TLC, price £1500.

Contact: Peter Robinson
Tel: 01765677031 | Email

Posted: 24/10/2019
Approved: 24/10/2019
Expires: 21/11/2019

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