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The fleet of 6 boats that attended the Southern Paddle open meeting at Redditch Sailing Club on Saturday 28th May may have been small in number but was very competitive containing 3 from the top 10 of the recent Inland Championships and the winner of last year's Southern Paddle series.

Conditions were light and very shifty but good courses were set. Local sailor James Dawes got away well in the first race, pulled out a huge lead and won by a big margin. Meanwhile Ben Hollis, sailing a borrowed boat, had looked good in 2nd place but a bunch of boats caught him up on a run. Ian Bradley held him high of the mark and there was some on-the-water discussion! At the mark, Ben rounded with Ian outside him but the discussion continued and Ben then retired. Isaac Marsh came through to take over 2nd spot and Veronica Falat sneaked into 3rd just before the finish.

Race 2 saw Ben back on the water but both he and James were over the line at the start and by the time they really got going the other 4 boats were well ahead. This time it was Isaac who established a comfortable lead while 3 boats were scrapping for 2nd place which eventually went to Veronica, just ahead of Graeme Bristow and Ian.

The last race was held after a nice lunch up on the club's balcony overlooking the lake. It was most pleasant to have a view of all the wildlife, including the herons with their nest on the nearby island! Anyway, at the start of race 3 three boats stood a chance of winning the event but it was soon pretty clear that it was going to be Isaac's day. He made a good start and worked the shifts well to take the lead. James was chasing hard but Isaac pulled clear and took the win and the open meeting victory. James was 2nd overall with a 1st and a 2nd to count, while Veronica was third counting a 2nd and a 3rd.

This was the first time that Redditch SC had hosted a Streaker open. Thank you to all concerned!

1st. 1952 Isaac Marsh (Northampton / Dovestone) (2), 1, 1

2nd. 1955 James Dawes (Redditch) 1,(5), 2

3rd. 1829 Veronica Falat (Waveney & Oulton Broad) (3), 2, 3

4th. 1837 Graeme Bristow (Leigh & Lowton) 4, 3, (5)

5th. 1817 Ian Bradley (Ouse Amateur) (5), 4, 4

6th. 1802 Ben Hollis (Blithfield) (DNF), 6, DNS

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