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The streakers had a club showdown between Simon Cory and Frank Catt’s son Chris. Simon had borrowed Martyn Wyman’s craft but luckily he is on holiday and doesn’t know, well until now because there is even an Easter islander who reads this blog. Chris has not sailed at the club for sometime solo, and last time was in a solo.

They were glued together with Simon always seemingly just 20 yards infront but they seemed to overlook the eventual winner Doug Horner from Buthfield S.C .

Overall (counting best 3 out of 4 races):

  1. 1940 Doug Horner (Blithfield SC) 4 pts;
  2. 1919 Simon Cory (Downs SC) 6 pts;
  3. 1931 Chris Catt (Downs SC) 7 pts;
  4. 1777 Howard Freer (Sutton Bingham SC) 9 pts;
  5. 1905 Phil Halldron (Downs SC) 16 pts;
  6. 1948 Jeremy Daniell (Downs SC) 20 pts;
  7. 1579 Rosaleen Lord (Downs SC) 25 pts;
  8. 1851 Roger Phillips (Downs SC) 27 pts.

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