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Streaker Open at Downs S.C.

A fleet of Streakers arrived on Sunday May 21st at one of the best sea venues in the country, Downs S.C, to race in the beautiful sunshine. 

A steady force 2-3 and choppy sea was the scene for the first race, with Doug Horner working his way up the beat to lead at the windward mark, and Neal Gibson close in 2nd place.  On the run Doug managed to extend his lead but just behind Simon Herrington was looking for Neal to make a mistake for an opportunity to overtake and move into second place.  On the next lap Simon managed to work his way past Neal but Neal fought his way back into second over the remainder of the race.  An early win for Doug Horner but for race 2 the wind dropped, and the tide strength increased. 
With the tide taking the fleet upwind, it was a quick first beat with Doug Horner again taking the lead but on the long slow light airs run against the tide, Jeremy Daniell and Martin Wyman creeped their way past putting themselves in 1st and 2nd place.  The Shorten course flag was raised leaving only a reach and a short beat to the line for the battle for positions.  Doug Horner managed to regain the lead just in time to take the second race, with Jeremy in second and Martin in 3rd. 
In the 3rd race, after a tricky start with everyone having to sail downwind away from the line to cope with a strong tide trying to take everyone over, the fleet arrived at the windward mark in a tight group.  Doug Horner led the way along the reach with Neal Gibson again towards the front but as they turned onto the run, the fleet formed a wall stopping any wind reaching Neal. 
By the end of race three, after several laps, the top three positions were a repeat of the previous race with Jeremy Daniell in 2nd and Martin Wyman in 3rd. 
The 4th race saw Martin Wyman storm up the first beat to take the early lead and happily sat in first place for the whole 1st lap with no one able to get past.  On the second lap Doug Horner and Martin were reasonably well matched and so it stayed almost right up to the finish line.  Doug Horner managed to get to the finish line 1st but only just, with Martin looking for any opportunity to regain the lead. 
As always, Downs Sailing Club ran a flawless event and lived up to their reputation of being one of the most friendly and welcoming sailing clubs. 

Report by Doug Horner

        R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1 1940 Doug Horner Swanage SC -1 1 1 1 4 3
2 1919 Martin Wyman Downs SC -5 3 3 2 13 8
3 1948 Jeremy Daniell Downs SC (10) DNF 2 2 6 20 10
4 1958 Simon Herrington Downs SC 3 -8 4 4 19 11
5 1808 Peter Heyes Whitstable YC 4 -7 5 3 19 12
6 1569 Neal Gibson Redoubt SC 2 5 -8 7 22 14
7 1905 Phil Halldron Downs SC 7 4 6 -8 25 17
8 1851 Jerry King Downs SC 6 6 -7 5 24 17
9 1579 Rosaleen Lord Downs SC 8 9 9 (10) DNS 36 26

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