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Streaker Northern Paddle Open Meeting at Elton Sailing Club.

Saturday 20th May 2017.

Round 4 of the Streaker Northern Paddle Series saw 6 visitors join the very buoyant fleet of 12 home Streakers at Elton Sailing Club enjoy a day of very friendly racing. A cool South Westerly allowed the fleet to sail a course, which used the whole length of the reservoir with a start virtually in front of the club house. In race 1 Peter Robinson (Ripon) won the pin end closely followed by Alan Gillard (Sheffield Viking) and Steve Blackburn (West Lancs.). It was Alan though who lead around the 1st mark, which he held onto to the finish. Peter, Steve and Ian Priest (Scaling Dam) had a tussle for 2nd 3rd and 4th places, changing on the last lap as Steve and Ian both overhauled Peter. Darkening clouds towards the end of this race lead to a sustained down pour as we came in for lunch.

There was still rain and fortunately wind as we all congregated for the start of Race 2. But the wind was not as steady as in Race 1, deciding which end of the line to start was going to be vital. The committee boat end was where the majority of the fleet congregated. Alan was squeezed out but Steve, Ian, Peter and Andrew Moore (Elton) all made good starts and where able to get over to the left side of the beat, where there appeared to be just that little bit more breeze. These 4 pulled well away from the rest of the fleet. As Ian and Steve had their own private roll tacking battle Peter picked up a nice shift on the 2nd beat to sail passed them both. Peter held the lead to the finish with Steve getting another 2nd with Ian 3rd and Andrew holding on to 4th.

There was a change of course for Race 3 which was still similar in configuration to the 2 earlier races but just a different windward mark allowing for a shift in wind, or so we all thought? Once on the water the wind shifted 90 degrees to make the first leg a reach. Even so the Race Officer surprisingly continued with the start. There were a number of Streakers over the line but it was Alan who nailed the start at the leeward end of the line planning to the 1st mark. As it happened the 2nd leg of the course became a beat, which in terms of the race worked out very nicely. Steve, having got a little too involved with others on the start banged a corner and pulled through to 4th behind Peter and Tim Craig (Elton). Steve was on a roll though as he gybed away from Peter and Tim on the run and pulled through to 2nd. Alan comfortably won this race and the meeting, whilst Steve consistently finished 2nd in all the races, but this did not give him 2nd overall which was claimed by Peter as he came in 3rd in the final race to go with the 1st in race 2.

Elton Sailing Club were great hosts for this Streaker open meeting which, was enjoyed by the visitor and home sailors. There was such a friendly atmosphere, sailors and volunteers with smiles on their faces. Through the generosity of local marine shop ‘Shark Attack’ everybody went home with a prize.

Sail No. Club Helm R1 R2 R3 Total Net
1951 Sheffield Viking Alan Gillard 1 5 1 7 2
1772 Ripon Peter Robinson 4 1 3 8 4
1881 West Lancs Steve Blackburn 2 2 2 6 4
1933 Scaling Dam Ian Priest 3 3 6 12 6
1784 Elton Andrew Moore 6 4 9 19 10
1968 Elton Tim Craig 7 19.0 DNF 4 30 11
1616 Tees & Hartlepool Peter Kitchen 5 6 8 19 11
1970 Ripon Richard Eagland 8 7 5 20 12
1978 Elton Joy Read 10 8 7 25 15
1866 Elton Lisa Moore 9 9 10 28 18
1676 Elton Stephen Yates 11 10 11 32 21
1640 Elton Tina Morris 12 11 13 36 23
1907 Elton Steve Restall 19 DNC 13 12 44 25
1932 Elton Rochelle Broxap 14 12 14 40 26
1297 Elton Lee Strapp 15 15 15 45 30
1889 Elton Ben Fuller 13 19 DNF 19 DNC 51 32
1889 Elton Stephen Neibel 19 RAF 14 19 DNC 52 33
1662 Elton Nigel Greaves 19 DNC 16 19 DNC 54 35

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