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The strong winds forecast for the weekend relaxed considerably on Saturday, to provide a good steady breeze for the penultimate event of the Southern Paddle Streaker Circuit at Blakeney.

Five visitors and four Blakeney Streakers set off towards Buoy 9 for the first race and almost immediately Doug Horner from Swanage was shooting ahead. Mark Langston from Beccles moved into second position, with Howard Frear and Ian Bradley battling it out for 3rd and 4th. First Blakeney boat was Hugh Ambery just ahead of Phil Haldron from Downs SC. Rod Jeffreys, Edward Allen and George Harcourt completed the fleet. Edward managed his capsize between races so efficiently that he was back on the start line in plenty of time. With wind against tide creating choppier conditions, the second race was much closer, but still Doug, Mark, Ian and Howard taking the first four positions.

After a social gathering on Saturday night in the Kings Arms at Blakeney, the Streaker Event continued on Sunday. With 20-24mph winds from SW Roy Perryman set the courses with no starting line bias. The Streaker class flag was raised only six minutes later than planned but after that the organisation went like clockwork. A patrol boat lead the way whilst the fleet beat against the incoming tide to buoy 8, reached to buoy 4, beat to buoy 9, reached to buoy 3, then ran downwind with the tide to buoy 5 to start the next lap. The second race was on an ebbing tide. This time with the slight variation that after buoy 3, the Race Officer sent the fleet reaching all the way to buoy 7. Those that dared to, gybed round 7 then on a reach, planed their way back to buoy 5 to start the next lap. This subtle change in course delighted both sailors and officers alike; the helms, shouting their thanks to the race officers as they planed passed the committee boat.

In both races today, hardly anything separated the Streakers until the second buoy in each race, with Doug Horner gradually increasing his lead. Doug, a worthy winner of all four races over the weekend, sailed better than all competitors in the fleet on all points of sailing. Mark Langston came an honourable second. Interesting post race discussions between Ian Bradley and Hugh Ambery who were fighting it out for third place in the second race of the day; Ian acknowledging that Hugh out pointed him on beats but that he was able to get onto a plane faster than Hugh therefore finished in front

Commodore, Séan Moore presented the prizes to Doug, Mark and Ian.

Pos Boat Name Helm Sail No Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
1st   Doug Horner 1940 Swanage S.C. (1) 1 1 1 3
2nd Revenant Mark Langston 1920 Beccles Sailing Club 2 2 2 (DNC) 6
3rd Dinky Ian Bradley 1817 Ouse Amateur S.C. (3) 3 3 2 8
4th Samantha Howard Frear 1777 Sutton Bingham (4) 4 4 4 12
5th   Hugh Ambery 1711 Blakeney S.C. (5) 5 5 3 13
6th   Phil Halldron 1905 Downs S.C. (7) 6 6 5 17
7th   George Harcourt 1876 Blakeney S.C. 8 (9) 8 6 22
8th   Rod Jeffreys 1685 Blakeney S.C. 6 7 (DNC) DNC 23
9th Dinka Edward Allen 1746 Blakeney S.C. 9 8 7 (RET) 24

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