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Burghfield open meeting Burghfield Sailing Club

15 Streakers competed in the Burghfield open meeting on April 21st. It was a light wind day with warm sunshine in the morning giving way to more overcast conditions later. 

In Race 1, Isaac Marsh was soon in the lead with Duncan McDonald close behind. The chasing pack of Kevin Druce, Chris Smith, Veronica Falat, and Mark Langston fought amongst themselves until Veronica pulled clear to take 3rd place and Mark was 4th. The wind had been very light and patchy and, as this was a joint event with Solos and Comets, we had to wait for the other boats to complete their races before we could go again – and the Comet fleet was stuck for quite a while in a flat calm. So the OOD gave pity on us and sent everyone in for an early lunch. There were hopes of sailing 3 races in the afternoon but the wind conditions didn’t improve so we only got 2 more.

Race 2 again saw Isaac out in front but he was given a good race by Veronica and Duncan, while James Dawes took 4th ahead of Kevin Druce and Brenda Hoult. Duncan was the early leader of Race 3 but it was Veronica who managed to overtake and pull clear while Duncan held off Isaac to take 2nd place. Further back, James was 4th again with Doug Horner 5th.

Overall Isaac was the winner but his results won’t count for the Southern Paddle travellers series as he is experimenting with various things that are currently not class legal. Most noticeable is his sail which doesn’t conform to the rule requiring Streaker sails to be white. He is also using a carbon boom and experimenting with means for easier adjustment of the aft mainsheet bridle. These are all matters that no doubt will be agenda items for the class AGM during the Nationals in late June.

Report by Veronica Falat

Pos. Sail No. Helm Club R1 R2 R3 Nett
1 1995 Isaac Marsh Northampton SC 1 1 -3 2
2 1972 Veronica Falat Waveney & Oulton Broad YC -3 2 1 3
3 2102 Duncan McDonald Newhaven & Seaford SC 2 -3 2 4
4 1985 James Dawes Redditch SC -13 4 4 8
5 1940 Doug Horner Swanage SC 6 -8 5 11
6 1971 Kevin Druce Burghfield SC -7 5 6 11
7 1975 Brenda Hoult Hayling Island SC 5 6 -10 11
8 1920 Mark Langston Beccles Amateur SC 4 -9 9 13
9 1844 Chris Smith Island Barn SC 8 -11 7 15
10 1681 Rupert Smith Newhaven & Seaford SC (DNF) 7 8 15
11 1929 Peter Withrington Burghfield SC 9 -13 11 20
12 1568 Jon Blankley Beccles Amateur SC 11 10 (DNF) 21
13 1983 Ken Hydon Burghfield SC 10 -14 13 23
14 1700 Alan Simmons Lancing SC -14 12 12 24
15 1944 Peter Russell Burghfield 12 -15 14 26

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