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Rooster Streakers Update

The Boatyard at Beer in Devon has been building epoxy Streakers for Rooster Sailing for many years. Last winter they were busy updating the moulds and the first batch of boats from these moulds was sailing this summer.

Obviously The Boatyard and Rooster Sailing were keen to build yet more boats but coordinating demand from Rooster with available slots in The Boatyard's build schedule was not easy. The two companies have approached the Streaker Class committee suggesting that the best way forward is for The Boatyard to become the licensed builder. The committee views this as a positive step forward.

As the licensed builder, The Boatyard can deal direct with the customers, accept orders and build the boats as and when it fits their schedule. This should ensure that the "Rooster" moulds are as productive as possible.

Steve Cockerill and Rooster Sailing's involvement isn't finished as they will be helping to promote the Streakers built by The Boatyard at Beer - and the boats will still be known as Rooster Streakers, at least in the short term.

The product is the same, the builders are the same. We can be confident that this will help more new boats become available next year.

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