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Butler Boats getting 2016 underway

Things are looking busy at Butler Boats. Here's the latest report from Dave and his team.

As we break through into 2016, here at Butler Boats we are preparing new boats for fresh faced Streaker clientele, we are repairing a number of older boats for the experienced, non-experienced and somewhere in between and we are making preparations for the RYA Dinghy Show! 2016 promises to be another excellent year for the Streaker and we are so proud to play such an integral part in keeping the class moving forward, developing new ideas and reaching a wider audience.

Our all-wood Streaker is coming along nicely and with its traditional construction is a real delight to get stuck into, it's fantastic to be able to offer our customers a retro-build Streaker if desired, the modern interpretation is a delight but digging out those old templates and fitting a large Aft Tank has breathed new enthusiasm into our boat builders, it may sound strange but these little moments keep the passion and drive to push the Streaker on and on fresh in our minds, the next generation of Streakers will no doubt have the latest modifications, platinum gunwhales, laser guided control lines etc but nothing quite beats turning that 8x4 sheet of 5mm ply into a thing a beauty.

Our latest crop of new FRP boats will be out over the next few months and as a result we have a strong 2nd hand market which offers pretty much every flavour of Streaker at a competitive range of prices.

Our Facebook Page is constantly updated with the latest Streaker movements from The Boat House so keep on eye it! You never know, if your boat comes in for repair it may make the front pages! Thank you to everyone who has liked/commented on the page, your support is very much appreciated!

We look forward to seeing the Streaker take another step forward this years and hope to see you all at the RYA Dinghy Show, we'll be the relatively scruffy looking boat builders streaking around the Show!

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