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Alan's article for Yachts & Yachting website (December 2016):

After many years of deliberation the Streaker Class has, through a positive vote at its AGM, adopted a track and traveller centremain. The original Streaker sheeting system was always a rope traveller across the aft foredeck led forward to a ratchet block on the thwart. The rules in later years had allowed for a fixed rope strop across the thwart as a centremain. Now the class, through steady well managed development, has allowed for a full track and traveller to be attached to the thwart. The Streaker has over the last 2-3 years conducted trials with a small number of class members who were given special dispensation to sail with the track and traveller centremain, to ensure that there was not to be a positive or negative performance change in the boat. One of the Streakers fitted with track and traveller centremain featured in the top 10 at the Nationals, whether others from the front of the fleet will adopt the change of mainsheet system time will tell.

There is and potentially there are a number of sailors of the Streaker who feel much more comfortable sailing with track and traveller centremain. For some sailors having all of the mainsheet in front of their steering position provides a sense of confidence that they know where everything is. No chance of the mainsheet getting hooked over a transom corner just when it is least expected.

Like all classes we want to encourage new sailors to the Streaker class. Sailors may feel that the boat they are sailing is now too heavy to pull back up the jetty on their own, but they still want the convenience of centremain. Or, they feel locked in to a single manufactured class where they have no choice in the boats mainsheet system or fit out. The Streaker is a progressive one design class, where its members should be given the choice of mainsheet system or fit out, on a one design hull and rig. The Streaker aims to please.

Alan Gillard

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