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Open Meetings update

This year the Northern and Southern Paddle series kick off on the same day (Saturday 24th March) with opens at Ripon in the north and Tamworth further south. Ripon is usually one of our best attended events, attracting competitors from across northern England, so it should be a great way to get the NP series up and running. Tamworth is also a well-established event in our calendar and one of the few open meetings in the west Midlands so, if you're a Streaker sailor anywhere near Birmingham, come and give it a go.

In April we've got SP events at Bough Beech (7th) and Burghfield (21st). Bough Beech will also count towards the South East Series, while the East Anglian series will get underway with an open meeting at Rollesby Broad SC (22nd). In the NP series, there's an open at Shotwick Lake (22nd) and then the first of the major events of the year, counting towards the Rooster Series, which is the Northern Area Championship at Beaver on Saturday 28th.

There's a full list of our open meetings on the Events page on this website.

Please note that we had intended to have the final SP event this year at Royal Harwich YC in October but this has fallen through so the Blakeney open (Sept 15th-16th) will conclude the SP series as well as being the Southern Area Championships.

However, we are planning an additional open meeting - a 2-day open at Snettisham Beach SC on 3rd-4th August. These are the final two days of North West Norfolk Week - and please note that the 3rd is a Friday and 4th is a Saturday and the first start is at about 9.30 in the morning - so not your usual sort of weekend event! But it will be good fun and don't forget, you could join in with all of North West Norfolk Week. There's a link to it here. The open meeting will count towards the East Anglian series.

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