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Fancy 2 open meetings in 1 weekend?

The weekend of 9th-10th June offers 2 open meetings, both counting towards the Southern Paddle and the East Anglian Series. On the Saturday the racing's at Waveney & Oulton Broad YC at Oulton Broad. This will also be an open for Phantoms and K1s - and there will be club racing in the afternoon as well. So it could be a bit hectic! There will be 4 races - the first 3 count towards the SP and EA series. Briefing at 10.15 and racing starts at 11.00. 

Then after sailing you can pack up and head to Beccles, just 10 miles down the road, for their open meeting on Sunday. You can camp at the Beccles club and be ready for 3 races on the River Waveney, an excellent place for a bit of tacking practice! All good fun! This will be a joint event with Enterprises but there probably won't be many of them. 

The photo is of the Streaker open at Beccles a couple of years ago.


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