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Important news for anyone fitting out a carbon boom

Rule 59 specifies where the kicking strap attaches to the boom. This means that there has to be an actual fixing point. This is straightforward for an alloy boom with a track underneath; you just slide the fitting into the right position (550 - 570 mm from the mast) and tighten the screw. However, a carbon boom needs to have a fitting rivetted or screwed in place which entails drilling holes in the boom. Many people fitting out their own carbon booms are very reluctant to drill holes!

Therefore the SCOA Committee, on recommendation from the Technical Committee, has decided to offer dispensation to boats with booms that don't comply with Rule 59. This means that the kicker can be attached to a webbing strap which in turn isn't attached to the boom where Rule 59 specified but much further back.

A rule change proposal will be put to the membership at this year's AGM to settle this matter.

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