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The Streaker Class Owner's Association (SCOA) was formed in 1976, and is RYA affiliated.

Its main functions are:-

~ To manage the Class Rules
~ To ensure boats meet the class rules and to issue certificates of compliance
~ To organise Championships and Class Open series meetings for members
~ To promote the class to dinghy sailors and the general public

The affairs of the SCOA are managed by an elected Committee made up of Streaker owners who are full members of the SCOA.

All Streaker owners are encouraged to maintain membership of the Association to ensure that the class flourishes.




Boat Certification

To race as a Streaker, a valid measurement certificate in the name of the owner is required.

A member can order a certificate from the association, subject to the boat meeting the class rules, by producing evidence the that boat meets the rules i.e. production of a previous certificate or by completion of a new measurement form by a measurer.

Contact the class secretary by email to see if the boat already has a certificate. If so a new one can be issued. This is now free for SCOA members. (The fee for non-members is £7.50). If our records do not indicate that the boat has a valid certificate you will need to send us either the old certificate (if you have one) or a completed measurement form.

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