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P&B Southern Paddle Series 2017

The 2017 Southern Paddle series will kick off at Tamworth SC on March 25th and consist of 9 events. At the final event at Broxbourne on September 16th we'll have our prize-giving, awarding the Paddle to the overall winner, and make the draw for the P&B prize sail. Your finishing position in the series will depend on your best 9 race results, so you'll need to compete in at least 3 of the open meetings. All qualifiers will get a prize of some sort. To be in with a chance of winning the P&B sail, you only need to have sailed in one race - but the more you do, the greater your chance of winning! And obviously you need to be a member of the Streaker Class Owners Association.

This year the Southern Paddle series includes a really wide range of events from sea sailing at Downs to river sailing at Beccles. Usually each open meeting is just on one day but in June we've got 2 on one weekend with Royal Harwich YC on the Saturday and Beccles on the Sunday. Beccles is just over an hour's drive from Royal Harwich and it will be possible to camp in the club grounds at Beccles on the Saturday night. Another weekend of sailing is offered by the open meeting at Blakeney where sailing time is restricted by the tide so we can only get 2 races per day - and these might be surprisingly early in the morning! The first 3 races will count towards the SP series. There's a campsite just inland from the town. 

The Tamworth open also counts towards the Northern Paddle while Bough Beech, Downs, Island Barn and Broxbourne are part of the South East Area series and Royal Harwich, Beccles and Blakeney are part of the East Anglian. More news about these series coming soon!

You'll find the dates and details of all the Southern Paddle opens on our Events Page.



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